Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We go to Shriner's this week

Pray for a successful visit.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mikaslyn had some Friends over for Dinner

This evening two girls from Mikaslyn's second grade class came over.  They both brought their mother's and a siblings.  It was pretty busy here for a while.  Mikaslyn really seemed to enjoy the company even though they mostly played in the yard since it was such a beautiful evening.  I think everyone had a wonderful time.  Mikaslyn was a little upset when everyone left and the only thing she said yes about it was that she was sad her friends left.  Magregor was completely worn out chasing around all those kids.  It was nice to have him go to bed without difficulty.

We leave for Shriner's hospital on Tuesday.

This week we registered for Mikaslyn to Summer School

We want Mikaslyn to go to summer school since she loves being around other kids.  School is clearly good for her.  We are concerned about it though.  She went a couple years ago and was really lame.  They seem to spend all their time chasing kids with behavior problems and mostly left her to herself.  I left Janis Gaare a message about my concerns.  Of course she has not returned my call.  She is in charge of the special needs program but doesn't show up for any of the meetings so no call back is no surprise.  I wonder if she even knows who Mikaslyn is?


Friday, May 07, 2010

Healing Room Again

We went to the St Ignatius healing room again this afternoon.  It went better than the first time.  We are making progress.  Magregor went this time and had a great time playing with everyone.  He has fun everywhere he goes. The people there really do care and they definitely believe in and want to minister healing.  I highly recommend them if anyone has issues.  They pray for healing in all areas not just physical.