Sunday, March 28, 2010

Letters for New Medical Opinions

Letters to two different orthopedic specialists went out yesterday with the CT Scan and medical reports for their analysis and recommendations. Pray for good responses!!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Falling Out of Bed

Mikaslyn fell out of bed last night. We are working on getting a better enclosure for her and now have kicked up the pace on getting it done. She is healthy and okay.

Magregor featured in a Newspaper article

Missoulian 3/25/10:
Learning to float: Missoula woman teaches tots

Magregor is featured in this article but none of the pictures are of him.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

No Heart Problem

We met with Dr Hardy today about abnormalities in the EKG performed in the Seattle Childrens Hospital mess.  Dr Hardy is in Missoula but is affiliate with Seattle Childrens and is nationally known to be an expert.  Dr Hardy was very friendly and personable.  He and his staff thoroughly examined all the test results and ran some more tests.  He determined that there were some very minor problems with her heart but nothing to be concerned with.  We will probably go back to see him again in a couple of years. 

Meanwhile Dr. Hardy will be consulting with other pediatric cardiologists in Seattle.  It is so great that he is not depending only on his own opinion.  We have seen way too many doctors whose ego is toooooo big to let them do this to detriment of their patients.

Thanks Dr. Hardy!!

Ginny is doing a 21 Day Fast Praying for our Family

Ginny is specifically praying for Mikaslyn's complete healing and financial breakthrough.  The fast started about 10 days ago but feel free to pray and fast with her. 

Friday, March 19, 2010

Magregor got his first Tee Ball set

The all ball boy got another couple of balls yesterday. He really got into the new tee ball set.  It is such a good toy for him since it give my something to do outside and develops his motor skills.  It is just fun watching him learn and interact with his mom and me.

Mikaslyn is doing well considering.  Abby and Alexandra were by for a while this evening and she really seemed happy.  She has also received some very nice notes from a couple of girls in her class.  It is so nice that the kids like her.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Awesome Message from Ginny

Ginny taught a class Sunday night and at the end of class they were praying for Mikaslyn and us. While they were praying in the Spririt one of the gals asked Ginny: "does she have short blonde hair and blueist green eyes and is she in a wheelchair?" Ginny said yes.

Marsha saw in the Spirirt (Vision) Jesus kneeling right next to Mikaslyn with his arms around her and talking to her and encouraging her.

She also prayed an amazing prayer over Mikaslyn and us that we would have supernatural wisdom and know exactly what our next steps are and that everything would be provided for us.

Up a lot last night

Mikaslyn fell asleep late and was up very early.  She was very up this morning though and seemed very excited about returning to school after almost a week.  Magregor didn't sleep well and was up several times.  He fine fine today though.

School went well today but she was tired

Sunday was a better Day

Much better day for all of us.  Mikaslyn had 3 good meals and seemed like herself again.  It was really nice in Missoula so we went for a drive.  She really enjoyed that and also hanging out on the back deck in the sun reading books with her Mom.  Magregor was very happy of be outside in the yard.  He is so active and so much fun.

My parents called this evening.  They had seen a article on the local paper about a little girl in California who was born without a hip socket.  The doctors at Shriners in Sacramento did radical surgery and repaired the hip to the point that she can walk and dance.  Inspiring story: 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Depression Lifting a Little?

Mikaslyn has seemed depressed since she got back from Seattle.  I don't blame her.  Having all those doctors say she is never going to walk and that her hip cannot be repaired depresses me and I wasn't there.  She has been so tired and quiet.  It is difficult to get her to eat or drink.  She is just so down.  Today was a little better.  Alexandra came by to work with her and that definitely lifted her spirits for a while especially playing the guitar.  She was down after that and not interested in anything.  Kristine suggested I read to her.  So I read some of her favorite books.  Her all time favorite I must have read 15 times.  Mikaslyn laugh and giggled and was so happy.  It was wonderful to watch her being herself and happy.  She went to bed happy so I am hopeful tomorrow will be better.

Friday, March 12, 2010

This hurts so bad

God - I want my daughter to be healed so badly.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nice end to a really difficult day

I think the reality of the situation is settling in on Kristine and I.  It was a really difficult day emotionally.  We don't understand why this black cloud over our lives and especially over Mikaslyn won't leave.

This evening was good though.  We went out to dinner at Higgins Alley.  To show how difficult it was today we prayed that dinner would go well on the way over and it did go well.  Both kids had a fun time listening to the music and watching YouTube videos on our phones.  Mikaslyn had the best meal she has had in days.  It was wonderful to see her eat and enjoy herself.

Today I contacted Dr Yngve to get his opinion and started looking for a sponsor for Shriners Hospital.  We heard that doctors there are the best paid in the country which often translates to the best in their field.  Definitely worth looking into.  Shriners also pays for all expenses not just the medical expenses.  They pay for travel, hotels, meals, etc.  I am getting more respect for those crazy guys with the funny hats and noisy go carts in the parade.

More News - A Little Alarming

Childrens Hospital called this morning.  The EKG performed on Mikaslyn Tuesday in that debacle has some issues.  We don't know what they are exactly but the doc in Seattle wants us to take her to a pediatric heart specialist.  Fortunately there is a good one in Missoula, Dr. Bruce Hardy.  Childrens is getting the test results to Dr Hardy and we will see him sometime after that.

Kristine and I keep wanting to find a doctor who will look at Mikaslyn as a whole person rather than a knee or a hip or a brain.  She needs someone that will see her potential and help us through the overall process.  So far the biggest issues she has had were completely missed for a long time.

Something good will come of this but it is difficult to see from where we are.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not Good in Seattle

After many hours of unexpended tests, delays and sitting in the wait area not know what was going on, Dr Sung and five other doctors told Kristine and Mikaslyn that Mikaslyn's left hip has too much damage for them to repair.  This was a complete shock to us all.  Dr. Kit Sung had seen her X-rays and scheduled the surgery.  We believed that he was confident that he could do the reconstruction needed.  No one at Seattle Childrens at anytime indicated that there was any concern or doubt.  So after spending a few thousand dollars and many hours scheduling all the trips, logistics and equipment we find out they don't have the skills to do the job.  If this was in doubt a CT scan could have been scheduled in Missoula months ago.  That would have cost us nothing and we could have used that time to find another solution. Instead of considering Mikaslyn first she was considered something less than the most important person here.   Again the medical model completely and totally fails Mikaslyn.

We continue to search for a better options and believe that she will be completely healed.  We have God's word on this.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Seattle Today

Mikaslyn and Kristine are in Seattle today meeting with doctors preparing for the upcoming hip surgery.  We also received a large reclining wheelchair so that we can transport Mikaslyn around the house in her body cast.  This is looking pretty real.  Monday is the surgery.  Please keep us in your prayers.

Saturday, March 06, 2010


Mikaslyn is definitely a little off tonight. We are praying that she will bounce back quickly and be 100% for the surgery on the 15th.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Interesting Discussion with David Yngve, MD

Talked to Dr. Yngve Wednesday about Mikaslyn's hips now that he has seen the X-rays. He asks very interesting questions and is very good at explaining the issues and procedures.

Mikaslyn's haircut was the Talk of school today

Many comments on how cute it is. So many people asked Kristine for a picture she posted some on Facebook.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Haircut - SHORT

Mikaslyn got a haircut today. She is getting ready for 4 weeks in a body cast. It is very short and very cute. I will get a picture to share when I can.

Great at Speech

Picked up Mikaslyn from Speech Therapy at the University this afternoon.  They were ecstatic with her progress.  She was making great sounds and laughing with Lauren.  It was really fun to watch.