Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Seizure Set Back

Well . . . today we were in for a surprise that we did not expect or want! Mikaslyn woke up this morning with her body in full on super shivers (her body was shaking like she had a bad fever but did not). Then after 10 minutes of this shivering, she had a full blown grand mal seizure. She has not had a seizure for 5 YEARS!

Rick called 911 when her body was shivering because we had no idea what was going on or what to do since she had no symptoms of illness. When the paramedics got to our house, she started the seizure.


Shriner's A Bust

Shriner's was a bust except for we got to spend time with Uncle Dave who drove over from western Washington to hang out with "Luke" while Rick and I took Mikaslyn to her appointment. The doc at Shriner's had the same opinion as the surgeon in Seattle so no go on surgery to fix her hip. The amazing thing during this trip was the view on the x-ray of her right hip which is absolutely perfect. Her right hip looks better on every x-ray she has of her pelvis. It's amazing. Now getting to left hip to line up right . . .
When we returned from Spokane, Rick got a call from the orthopedist in Denver who said that he can't rule out surgery for Mikaslyn to fix her left hip. He said he can't make that kind of a decision based upon viewing a CT scan but rather has an idea of what can be done and then decides once he has made the incision at surgery. So now we're 3 for 3.